Initial Teacher Training Modules

The modules showcased here were produced as part of a JISC funded project for initial teacher training in further education. Kate and Sue, eLearning Works Ltd Directoirs were tasked, as employees of South Tyneside College, to assist in  development and creation of this work.

The six modules have been used extensively by a number of FE colleges and universities across the UK. Feedback has been outstanding from both teacher educators and trainee teachers and traners alike.


The modules are designed to implement real world scenario and action-based e-learning underpinned by the development of enquiry, investigative, problem solving and team working skills.

The aim is to engage learners in active, challenging and immersive e-learning underlying using realistice, real world investigatve storylines leading to problem solving activities that encourage the development of analytical, evaluative, creative and critical thinking skills.

What they say!

“I liked the challenge of thinking about the problems from a different perspective – teacher, student and parent.”

Professional Standards and Practice

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